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Man hands with handcuffs and drugs infront of him

Possession vs. Possession With Intent to Sell

When it comes to drug possession, there is a clear difference between having drugs on your person and possessing them with the intent to sell. Both are serious offenses, but the distinction between them not only affects the severity of the charges but can also significantly influence the legal strategies employed in defense cases.

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Judges gavel with stethoscope and pills close up

What You Need to Know About Prescription Drug Crimes

Prescription drug crimes can lead to severe penalties and require a high-level understanding to navigate. Whether you're casually researching or seeking information for personal reasons, it's never a bad idea to familiarize yourself with these laws.

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Cannabis Leaf and Judge Gavel on White Background

Possession of Marijuana: Intent to Sell

Understanding drug offenses in Nebraska can be a challenging task, particularly when it comes to serious charges such as possession of marijuana with the intent to sell.

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