Advocating For and Protecting Clients Rights

A criminal defense attorney requires an understanding of not only the law, but all the factors which impact the decision making process clients face.

We are here because we believe that everyone deserves an attorney who will work for them when they are charged with a crime. There are too many people who are facing sentences that are much too severe for the crime they are charged with or are actually innocent and are incarcerated without justification.

Both Jerry and Kenny have the experience to protect the rights of the accused and to help them find favor in the eyes of the law.

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Areas of Practice

Drug Possession or Distribution

The attorneys at Hug & Jacobs have a detailed understanding of the processes involved in these cases and of what it takes to properly protect a defendant's rights.

Whether you are facing state or federal drug charges, We will use our diverse legal background and unique perspective to give you the full picture of what options you have.

If you are facing meth charges, crack cocaine charges, federal conspiracy charges, drug trafficking charges or other drug charges, contact us to discuss your case.

Driving Under the Influence

The attorneys at Hug & Jacobs have the experience to help you through a DUI/DWI charge having handled 1000’s in their careers.

Kenny Jacobs is a current member in the National College for DUI Defense and was recently certified in the field sobriety tests administered by law enforcement.

It does not matter what the test result was, let us help you navigate the DMV and the Court system to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

White Collar & Financial Crimes

When a business, government agency or some other party accuses an individual of a financial crime, serious charges can result in either state or federal court. A conviction on white-collar crime charges can have major legal, personal and professional implications for a person.

Hug & Jacobs understand how important skilled and knowledgeable legal help is for a person in such a high-stakes situation.

White-Collar offenses come in a wide range of varieties, including:

  • Insurance fraud

  • Arson-related fraud

  • Mail fraud

  • Wire fraud

  • Medicaid/Medicare Fraud

  • Antitrust crimes

Each specific type of white-collar crime charge has its own particular concerns and issues connected to it. We understand how each white-collar crime case takes on its own unique characteristics. The experienced attorneys will work diligently to understand the specifics of your case and to provide you with the advice and guidance best suited for your circumstances.

Facing a criminal charge is a difficult experience. Those in this situation typically have many worries about their reputation, freedom, and future. In criminal proceedings, these concerns can hang in the balance. Don't go without experienced criminal defense representation.

We are dedicated to providing strong and aggressive defense representation to individuals in Omaha and nearby all communities.

We help defendants in state and federal cases involving drug crimes, white-collar crimes, Internet crimes and a wide range of other criminal matters

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When you choose to have the attorneys at Hug & Jacobs represent you in a criminal defense matter, you are choosing someone who provides clients with high-quality defense services.

Given our collaborative approach, clients will receive help and guidance backed by over two decades of legal experience.