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Possession of Marijuana: Intent to Sell

ug and Jacobs LLC Dec. 8, 2023

Understanding drug offenses in Nebraska can be a challenging task, particularly when it comes to serious charges such as possession of marijuana with the intent to sell. This isn't just about having marijuana on your person; it's about the intent to distribute it to others. In our state of Nebraska, where marijuana remains illegal, the penalties for this offense can be substantial and life-altering. 

At Hug and Jacobs LLC, we're more than just attorneys - we're advocates, strategists, and relentless fighters for justice. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, we serve clients across Fremont, Lincoln, Papillion, Wahoo, and beyond. With decades of combined experience, we, Jerry Hugs and Kenny Jacobs, have built a reputation for aggressive representation, strategic defense planning, and a relentless commitment to preserving our clients' rights. If you have been charged with or accused of possession of marijuana with the intent to sell, reach out to our firm today for support.  

Understanding Nebraska Marijuana Laws 

In Nebraska, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance, implying it’s considered to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. The laws governing marijuana possession and distribution are hence strict and rigorously enforced. 

Possession of small amounts is treated as an infraction for first-time offenders, punishable by a fine. However, subsequent offenses or possession of significant quantities can lead to more serious charges. Specifically, possession with intent to deliver, manufacture, or sell—even a small amount—can result in felony charges, with penalties ranging from one to 20 years in prison and fines up to $25,000.  

Moreover, the cultivation of marijuana, regardless of the quantity, is also a felony under Nebraska law. Even the use or possession of drug paraphernalia associated with marijuana use can lead to misdemeanor charges. 

Notably, Nebraska marijuana laws apply regardless of whether the marijuana was purchased legally in another state. Driving under the influence of marijuana, even if prescribed or purchased legally elsewhere, remains illegal in Nebraska. 

The Stark Reality of Penalties 

Nebraska maintains rigorous regulations regarding marijuana and other controlled substances. Despite our neighbor, Colorado, legalizing recreational marijuana use, that's not the case here. Our law enforcement patrols highways like I-80 diligently, actively working to prevent smuggling of cannabis products into our state.  

Possession of marijuana with the intent to sell is no small crime. The penalties depend on several factors, including the quantity of marijuana involved, your criminal history, and the circumstances surrounding the offense. Nebraska's marijuana laws are stern and thoroughly implemented, and they impose a wide range of penalties based on a variety of factors. Here's a breakdown of the potential consequences: 

  • Possession With Intent to Deliver, Manufacture, or Sell: Depending on the circumstances and the quantity involved, this can result in felony charges, with penalties ranging from one to 20 years in prison and fines of up to $25,000.  

  • Cultivation of Marijuana: Regardless of the amount, cultivation is a felony under Nebraska law. 

  • Use or Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia: Even owning or using equipment associated with marijuana can result in misdemeanor charges.  

  • Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana: Irrespective of whether it was legally obtained in another state or prescribed for medical reasons, driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in Nebraska. 

Besides these, additional penalties can be imposed, depending on the classification of the substance involved: 

  • Substance classified as "Extremely Hazardous" (Schedules I, II, or III): This is a Class II felony, carrying a potential prison sentence of up to 50 years, with a minimum mandatory sentence of one year. 

  • Substance under Schedules I, II, or III but not "Extremely Hazardous": This is a Class IIA felony, which can lead to a prison sentence of up to 20 years, with no mandatory minimum sentence. 

  • Substance under Schedule IV or V, or Marijuana Itself: This is a Class IIIA felony that can result in a maximum prison term of three years, with a maximum of 18 months of supervised release. 

Additionally, penalties can extend beyond imprisonment. They can lead to: 

  • Loss of driving privileges 

  • Suspension of professional licenses 

  • Potential removal proceedings for non-citizens 

  • Federal consequences, including the loss of gun ownership rights 

It's clear that the stakes are high and the penalties can be severe. Therefore, understanding these laws and seeking skilled legal representation is crucial. 

Crafting a Robust Defense with Hug and Jacobs LLC 

If you're facing charges for possession of marijuana with the intent to sell, building a strong defense strategy is paramount. That's where we, at Hug and Jacobs LLC, step in. 

Our attorneys, Jerry Hugs and Kenny Jacobs, have a deep understanding of drug laws and the legal processes involved in drug-related cases. We examine the evidence, question the legality of the search and seizure, and challenge any constitutional violations. 

Our approach is collaborative. We work with you to develop a defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances. Our goal? To protect your rights, challenge the prosecution's evidence, and seek the best possible outcome for your case. 

Remember, when facing charges for possession of marijuana with the intent to sell, you have rights. Your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and your Sixth Amendment right to legal counsel are vital. Don't answer any questions from law enforcement without your attorney present. With us by your side, you're not alone in this fight. So, if you or a loved one is being investigated or charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to sell in Omaha, Fremont, Lincoln, Papillion, Wahoo, or anywhere in Nebraska, reach out to us today.