Areas of Practice

Drug Possession and Distribution

The attorneys at Hug & Jacobs have a detailed understanding of the processes involved in these cases and what it takes to properly protect a defendants rights.

Whether you are facing state or federal drug charges, we will use or diverse legal background and unique perspective to give you the full picture of what options you have.

If you are facing meth charges, crack cocaine charges, federal conspiracy charges, drug trafficking charges, or other drug charges, contact us to discuss your case.


An allegation of assault can have serious repercussions that may affect many aspects of an individuals life. Jerry and Kenny are both keenly aware of these repercussions and have successfully navigated the criminal justice system for their clients.

If you are facing charges for an assault of any kind, contact us to discuss the matter.

Illegal Use and Possession of Firearms

Simply possessing a firearm can be considered a crimnal offense if you have been convicted of certian crimes whether it is a felony or not. Othertimes, having a firearm while another crime is committed can be and enhancement on the underlying charge.

The attorneys at Hug & Jacobs have experience in dealing with these types of charges. If you find yourself or someone you know charged with the use or illegal possession of a firearm, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Driving Offenses

Just because you have been cited for a driving offense does not mean you should pay the fine and court costs and move on. Many of these offenses carry point deductions or even worse - a suspension or revocation.

The attorneys at Hug & Jacobs have experience handling driving offenses from driving during revocation or without a valid license to motor vehicle homicide. They are here to help you navigate the court process as well as any DMV revocations.

White Collar Crime, Theft and Fraud

When a business, government agency, or some other party accuses an individual of a financial crime, serious charge may result. A conviction on such charges can have major legal, personal and professional implications for an individual. The decisions made today greatly impact the future.

We understand how important skilled and knowledgeable legal help is for a person in such a high-stakes situation and represent individuals who are facing white-collar crime, theft, or fraud charges at the state and federal levels.

Child Pornography

If you suspect that you are going to be investigated for child pornography, or if you have already been charged with such a crime, you need to get your legal team together as quickly as possible. With over 25 years of experience, the attorneys at Hug & Jacobs are who you want fighting in your corner for such a serious charge that can carry substantial consequences. We have the litigation skills, technical knowledge and keen insight necessary to challenge the prosecution's case and defend you in court.

You can be charged with possession of child pornography in State or Federal court. The possible penalties are different and could be substantial depending on the extent of the alleged evidence. Often times these charges involve the use of the Internet or file sharing software. Sophisticated analysis of electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, computers and network equipment is usually required to determine whether there is a defense to these charges. Proper use of expert forensic review of the alleged evidence is necessary in these cases to determine the extent and strength of any alleged evidence against you. I know how to assemble a proper expert team to work on your side and find weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

You can also be charged for viewing child pornography even if you don't actually possess it. These cases are also technincally complex. The prosecution will rely on Internet server logs as well as forensic analysis to establish which electronic device on which network accessed the material. It's important to determine whether security flaws may have opened your network or Wi-Fi to use by others without your knowledge. If someone uses your Wi-Fi to access illegal materials on the Internet, law enforcement will come after you. They won't stop to investigate whether you were hacked or had an open Internet connection. Again, it is vital that you employ an attorney with technical understanding of the issues related to these charges and who will enlist experts needed to defend the case.

Appeals and Postconviction Proceedings

If you, a friend, or family member have already been convicted it is imperative to obtain legal counsel in order to not miss certian deadlines during the appeal and postconviction process.

The attorneys at Hug & Jacobs have handled multiple appeals and postconviction proceedings at the State and Federal level ranging from excessive sentences to appeals of murder convictions.